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We Found Love

Society of free thinkers is a blog touching on a vast array of cultural topics. Gender, race, sexual preference, or what type of music you listen to has no bearing on the matter of whether you can think freely. To think critically think is to expand your horizons. Many will judge you for they have nothing else better to do but to judge character. In order to actually solve problems in an obviously broken society is a form of problem solving. I do not claim to be a master scholar or a spiritual idol but what I am is a master of positive living. I will not stomp on someone else to get to the top, nor abuse a human for my benefit but I will however rip the drape of lies and deception with the claws of an Utahraptor.

Today I analyzed the lyrics of a popular song “We Found Love” by noted singer Rihanna.

“We Found Love”

In Rihanna’s song “We found Love” I could not help but feel a sort of sexism going on in the lyrics. The lyrics speak of how she has to let it go (the love) and says “Turn away ‘cause I need you more”. It portrays her as being a helpless girl in love but knowing that the love she so craves is toxic for her. Even knowing it’s toxic for her she feels like she needs it. Patriarchy, a form of social organization in which males dominate females is very common in societies around the world. It is evident in this song that our society easily follows continuous patterns of conforming to a patriarchal society by supporting entertainment that conveys notions that one gender is more superior to another. I bet girls jam to this song not even knowing or caring what the meanings of the words are.
The rock your socks off society of youth are not concerned with secret meanings of literature, mass media, and the entertainment industry. Girls are raised on the ideals of Barbie and Ken dolls, “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, the cultural phenomenon of “Bling Bling”, and “Bad Girls Club”. “Love a life I will divide” alludes to the fact that Rihanna feels like she will ruin whatever she touches in life. This line puts a spot light on gender roles or sex roles, which are attitudes and activities that a society links to each sex. It molds the minds of genders from birth. Minorities are any categories of people distinguished by physical or cultural differences that a society sets apart and subordinates. Women are minorities in all societies and songs like these point that out. “We found love in a hopeless place” creates the idea that women are living in horrible conditions whether mental of physical and even as “yellow diamonds in the light”(her representation of the utopia in the relationship she is in) the need to “come alive” is still only met by a man “standing by her side”. I have watched the video and saw a ton of drug use in the film but I honestly think that the video is used as a metaphor to exactly what I stated earlier because I know a bit about this singer. She recently got out of an abusive relationship with singer Chris Brown who beat her face in and this song finally touches on how she really felt in that relationship. It confirms many of her public interviews that were had in the past in regards to the incident. She stated that she still loves him but their relationship was toxic and she had to get out even if it was too late to prevent her domestic violence she still got out of it. Though I find it hard to believe that if she was not in the lime light she would have left him.
Many women follow this same type of behavior and end up exactly like Rihanna, battered and abused in domestic violence cases. Instead of leaving because they know they deserve better they stay and hold on for that perfect love that will hopefully eventually come. Unfortunately that is not true in most cases and men will continuously take advantage of them in a never ending cycle until they are broken to no return.
In this song the lyrics admittedly stress the fact that regardless of the good feelings one gets from either love, drugs & alcohol, or sex the fact still lies that you just have to let it go. Overall the song seems positive & it is catchy I wonder if it is the beginning of Rihanna’s feminism since she left her real life abusive boyfriend and her druggie music video boyfriend.

“We Found Love”

Yellow diamonds in the light
Now we’re standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine
What it takes to come alive

It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny
But I’ve gotta let it go

We found love in a hopeless place, We found love in a hopeless place
We found love in a hopeless place. We found love in a hopeless place

Shine a light through an open door
Love a life I will divide
Turn away ’cause I need you more
Feel the heartbeat in my mind

It’s the way I’m feeling I just can’t deny, But I’ve gotta let it go

Yellow diamonds in the light
Now we’re standing side by side
As your shadow crosses mine


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I critically think constantly about many topics. I strongly believe that in society we need to implement equality, freedom, & encourage free thinking in our educational institutions, in order to produce qualified and emotionally stable professionals in the work force. Creativity is what unearths innovations. Nurturing our young, and someone else's, will end violence, and foster emotional stability in children early. I want the world in it's entirety, to be a better place to live in and believe that every society needs a reality check... Something is obviously wrong and in need of change, from the people down to the politics. "Society of Free Thinkers" is a place to educate yourselves freely and to voice your opinion on important worldly topics, in a judgment free area.


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