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NYC? Model? Joe/Jane? Need Photos? Call HartBass!

If you are living in New York City or close to it and want to get some head shots done? or a complete photo shoot…I know a really awesome company you should go with. The name is HartBass. The Magic man goes by the name of Harts and rightfully so, because he puts hart into HartBass. The man has exceptional talent and an eye for everything and anything trendy. I have this saying that I use to describe him to everyone who asks about his work, “Harts can make the devil look like Jesus and bring stone to life.”

I would highly recommend this company because it is run by a strong leader who understands what team work entails. The HartBass team does a wonderful job and has a kick ass time doing it. You should take a look at their behind the scenes videos as well. Prices are affordable and there are monthly contests to win free content and shoots. Speaking of that I won a shoot but have been so busy I have not had time to drive up and get it done. If anyone gets in contact with him make sure you mention you heard about it from the society of free thinkers blog please so you can get a special rate.

Recently there were two interviews done of both Harts and his wife Anne, who is a model and does makeup art wonders on people. Have a look at the videos and feel free to share them with friends and family because they photograph families as well. Follow the links in this post to get to anything HartBass and be sure to travel back and let me know how things worked out! 🙂

About Society of Free Thinkers

I critically think constantly about many topics. I strongly believe that in society we need to implement equality, freedom, & encourage free thinking in our educational institutions, in order to produce qualified and emotionally stable professionals in the work force. Creativity is what unearths innovations. Nurturing our young, and someone else's, will end violence, and foster emotional stability in children early. I want the world in it's entirety, to be a better place to live in and believe that every society needs a reality check... Something is obviously wrong and in need of change, from the people down to the politics. "Society of Free Thinkers" is a place to educate yourselves freely and to voice your opinion on important worldly topics, in a judgment free area.


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