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True Love Vs. Unconditional Love

In speaking on true love vs. unconditional love we take a look at unconditional love first. This is what you give a family member it is deep rooted inside of your soul and even if you can’t stand their guts at one point in time, it is like you have a magic switch inside of you to forgive them even if you part ways with them. Even if you never tell them out of being stubborn that you forgave them. Unconditional love does not grow like conditional love of a partner.

Conditional love is the birthplace of true love. Once you commit to you partner every ounce of you and take them for the screwed-up mess they really are, that is, if you can deal with the clean up, then is when true love begins. True love can be beautiful at times but it also can rip a person into another being with ease, or break them down until they are unable to be who they feel they are inside. Losing one’s self is dangerous and I honestly think people can only take so much of this conditional love. Hence, why so many people get divorced or stay single. Above any person, family, or spouse one must be true to who they are, or in all honesty–what would be the point of living–if you are not living as yourself? I know I’m going to hear it from the happily merged entities but let’s be real-no one is perfect. So if you just happen to be not as strong of a person as the relationship guru, and enter into a partnership with someone who drains the life from you, for the sake of marriage, or to keep the divorce rate low you’re supposed to forget who you are inside? I think not but if you think so then more power to you.

Let us take a step back to where I feel people are overlooking a few things. Unconditional love is a love gene–so to speak–that is inside of you, but that does not make loving your family easy and does not have to necessarily apply only to your family. It is just as hard as loving a stranger because sometimes family can be more of a stranger to you than your spouse. There is a sense of an obligation to love your family but just as everyone has free will there is a choice. I know many people who were disowned or shunned. So it is definitely possible. The unconditional love that one should strive for is the unconditional love that emanates deep within us. It is the same type of love that loves a baby unconditionally, or a sick elderly person. Loving like that shows that no matter how many times they miss the diaper and pee directly in your face or regardless of how many times they loose their car keys, you as a person of unconditional love care for them, nurture them, show them, and tell them the amount of love you have for them.

Radiating with unconditional love is being love and letting it flow from you. Loving everything, every person, every thought. (yes even the negative ones because without them you would not be able to appreciate the positive thoughts.) Love your gloves in the winter time and even in summer. Love your mind for being open enough to see love. Love the body that your mind is patiently waiting to break out of. Love the feet that carry you gracefully through your long learned days. Love the mouth which if you listen to your heart, has the ability to speak prophecy, and stop oppression. Love your soul most of all because it gives your heart the energy it needs to live and love all together–without it you would be just flesh and bones. Love everlasting, love for free, and love life–no matter what cards you were dealt.

If people loved their spouses like that there would be no divorce rate because you would not have time to dislike anything. That reminds me..I used to think negative thoughts about my auto correct that is, until it made me sound funny when that was not my intention. Then I adopted a view of loving it unconditionally. I just had to figure out how to go with the flow of things instead of get frustrated about it. Even though I still think it has a pact with the devil to ruin my life…in my aunt’s words “I do rebuke its evil deeds in the name of the Lord.” heh heh.

About Society of Free Thinkers

I critically think constantly about many topics. I strongly believe that in society we need to implement equality, freedom, & encourage free thinking in our educational institutions, in order to produce qualified and emotionally stable professionals in the work force. Creativity is what unearths innovations. Nurturing our young, and someone else's, will end violence, and foster emotional stability in children early. I want the world in it's entirety, to be a better place to live in and believe that every society needs a reality check... Something is obviously wrong and in need of change, from the people down to the politics. "Society of Free Thinkers" is a place to educate yourselves freely and to voice your opinion on important worldly topics, in a judgment free area.


9 thoughts on “True Love Vs. Unconditional Love

  1. Beautiful thought. You conveyed it perfectly.I wish I could write like you. 🙂

    Posted by kohllinedeyes | December 10, 2011, 6:48 PM
  2. Reblogged this on Inspiredweightloss.

    Posted by sweetopiagirl | December 10, 2011, 11:22 PM
  3. Great post thanks. I really enjoyed it very much.

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    Posted by Writer Jobs | December 11, 2011, 12:55 AM
  4. This is wonderful, your description of conditional and unconditionla is perfect, particularly unconditional, it’s just there, doesn’t always make sense, sometimes it’s hard but it there deep down. Conditional I think is harder to navigate, doesn’t come from the inside, sort of is on the outside that is drawn in, perhaps that’s why it can be dangerous because you can chose to draw it in or not.

    Ps. Have been creeping all over you blog, adoring it, just a little bit.

    Posted by The Utopia Between Youth and Adulthood | December 12, 2011, 7:32 PM
    • Thank you very much. It really is and conditional is sought after with such fury because the grass always looks greener on the other side, but people don’t take into consideration that it’s the watering that gets it to be so green. So they could have stayed on their side and watered their own grass to absolute perfection, with unconditional love and then ultimately would have reached true love after putting in some work. 🙂

      Creep away, Creep awayyyyy!

      Posted by Society of Free Thinkers | December 12, 2011, 7:40 PM
  5. I like this post, enjoyed this one thanks for posting .

    Posted by Jones sabo utilized since a great gift add-on or typically | April 21, 2013, 9:10 PM

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