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The Free Spirit Within Me

Before I came into this world I was a free spirit. I roamed dimensions effortlessly experiencing all that I could see. Nothing about being a spirit compared to being a human and nothing about being human could compare to me. I was able to move freely, feel endlessly, and think without limitations. One day I felt drawn to this family who was suffering the loss of a child and I thought about being born into the body of a human baby so that I might share my love for beauty in everything with the world. On November 8, 1985 at 7:30 p.m. my wish was granted I settled into the body of an infant whose parents ironically named her strong, stone, and bright headed. (Meaning of Brianna Chantel Kelly) We were as one; I made her and you will see that she eventually makes me.
As I breathed life into her and we opened our eyes, I realized that I was trapped inside of her body and that my freedom was no more. With all the pent up energy that was me, I became restless. She was alert and mobile for a tiny being and I was delighted by the joy that infested her every movement. Her parents seemed ecstatic and overwhelmed with emotion and positive energy at the sight of her presence, and at this moment I knew that together we would do great things.
At eight months old I could not help but to aid her in uttering her first words and since then she has not been able to keep quiet. You see, we have always had a good relationship and she has always known that she was put on this earth to open the eyes of others through truth and love. As her tiny personality blossomed (with my help of course) she prided herself on being a free thinker and enjoying every beauty that she has seen and not seen with her eyes. She was born disabled which took its toll on me. It made me feel more trapped and for the first time, I found myself afraid of the future. I was afraid that her body would fail us before we reached our goal. I became weak, ill in spirit, and depressed, unconsciously causing her body even more pain and suffering then any innocent child should ever go through. At one moment in time I cursed the day that I thought I could change this world by being born into her, at that moment she taught me a very valuable lesson at only the young age of twelve.
The day I did not want to try anymore was the day she woke up the happiest and with the most energy. She spoke soft, gentle words to me, telling me that her illnesses were just what she had to go through in this life in order to be a stronger person and to prove to the world that even with all of these illnesses she could and would overcome them in order to reach our goal. She confided in me telling me that I was her first friend; the friend that knew her better than anyone, and the friend that thought of her before she was even thought of. She spoke in her thoughts as we speak regularly, encouraging each other to go on, to learn everything we can, and to love as hard as possible. How could a child teach an old spirit such as me, these ever so important values of life that I had missed so easily on my own?
With every passing year her parents grew even more proud of her and in her teen years when she decided to take a stand for her sexuality and met adversity from everyone including her parents, I was there with the love and pep talk that she had for me many years before. She made it through those rough years and she will tell you it was because of me but I disagree. I think she is here because she wants to be here and because she believes in a greater good, free thinking, honest and pure hearted individuals, and most of all beauty and love of all things. Many have doubted her, repeatedly she has been looked at as a pariah, and worst of all rejected by the people who once looked at her as if she were the greatest creation of all time, but she still has stood strong gaining respect from the doubters. She continues to wake up every day with a smile on her face and endless encouraging words. She is my rock, I am her wings, and when her body ceases to work for us we will unite and fly these dimensions together, and I will show her to true meaning of freedom.

About Society of Free Thinkers

I critically think constantly about many topics. I strongly believe that in society we need to implement equality, freedom, & encourage free thinking in our educational institutions, in order to produce qualified and emotionally stable professionals in the work force. Creativity is what unearths innovations. Nurturing our young, and someone else's, will end violence, and foster emotional stability in children early. I want the world in it's entirety, to be a better place to live in and believe that every society needs a reality check... Something is obviously wrong and in need of change, from the people down to the politics. "Society of Free Thinkers" is a place to educate yourselves freely and to voice your opinion on important worldly topics, in a judgment free area.


4 thoughts on “The Free Spirit Within Me

  1. You’re able to remove yourself and tell a story through the eyes of whomever or whatever you choose. That takes talent.

    Posted by The Real Sidney Shaw | February 1, 2012, 3:34 AM
  2. This post really touched me! I could relate to the feeling trapped due to the human experience… The more I detach myself from it the better I feel. The more love, peace, and knowledge I share the better I feel! Peace! And Namaste!

    Posted by Jesus ChuRock Ramos | February 2, 2012, 11:46 AM

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