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The reality of the Obama Budget

The Reality of the Obama Budget

“ We don’t begrudge success in America,” Mr. Obama said. But, he added, “We do expect everybody to do their fair share, so that everybody has opportunity, not just some.” These words stuck into my head after reading this article on Obama’s proposed budget, where he aims to make those whose income are higher than $250,000 pay 39.6 percent tax rate. It is a decent raise of percentage since they were only paying 20 percent prior to his proposal. This proposal suggests not cutting Medicaid, medicare, or Social Security and makes taxes all together a level playing field from the rich down to the poor. It also cuts spending in sectors such as the military and with this being the icing on the cake Republicans are not too happy about the budget all together, saying the package would be dead on arrival at Capitol Hill.
I believe that everyone should pay fair taxes. Taxes are essential to keeping the economy flowing, yet taxes help create jobs in our government and my problem with this is that in these jobs money is being wasted. The positions held in government positions have so many job related expenses such as cellular phones, pagers, government paid hotel rooms for business trips, paid seminars, lunch at meetings, and the list could go on. In the corporate world where dog eats dog and consumers are paying excessive amounts of money for products companies can afford to pay high salaries and foot the bill for their employees. Our government on the other hand should not have a corporate mentality on these issues and reduce their spending in those areas in order to reduce our budget. Think of every government agency and how high the salaries are for those positions… then think of all of the free cell phones and other job accessories that are “necessary” to work on the go or from home. They are not needed. These people make well enough money to provide themselves with phones and offices in their homes they don’t need to use our tax money to pay for it. All of these people have great jobs, live wonderful lives, and now that reductions are a necessity they are upset that the military is getting spending cuts and that the sick people of this world are still getting a free ride. Those sick people are more than likely sick because of the lack of proper regulations from the FDA and the lack of supervision of chemicals and waste in the United States. I am a child who was born with a birth defect caused by our government not keeping an eye on toxic waste in their own military base and no one wants to take responsibility for their actions. I can’t even get S.S.I and I’m sick every day, had to teach myself how to walk again four separate times from back surgeries and had three bladder surgeries but Republicans don’t want to hear that. They want to know how they can make sick people who they think are bums (not intellectually driven college students) disappear, and figure out how to end debt that has been accruing for decades, all the while blaming the debt on a president who walked into an avalanche of chaos, instead of working together to solve the problems.

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3 thoughts on “The reality of the Obama Budget

  1. It’s not for me to get real political, but I have to say that I agree with you. This business of regarding people with disabilities as “lazy bums” rather than sick people who need assistance really comes from a spirit of envy and lack of love and compassion. It’s too easy when one starts working very hard to begin to develop resentments against those who don’t work, even if they *can’t* work. But isn’t that just jealousy? And misplaced jealousy? Why be jealous of somebody with a disability?

    People look at disabled people all the time, and are so quick to conclude: “That person could work if they wanted to!” But sometimes the disabilities are not easily seen by the naked eye. There are people who are completely normal and functional 95% of the time, but it’s the other 5% of the time that their behavior loses them their job.

    I understand you were born with a defect, this is not your doing, you are not to be blamed for this of course, or regarded as a second-class citizen. I hope that when you say you *can’t* get SSI, that this is not final, and that you are not giving up. I know a guy who got it from successive back injuries, and he manages pretty well — got himself some acres in the country, and an R.V. Anyway. there is hope. Don’t ever give up.

    I really enjoy your blog, and I am blessed by your positive spirit.

    Posted by Starsworth | February 18, 2012, 11:38 PM
    • I completely agree with you. It is sad to me that there are people who can judge and talk down about people whom they have no idea about. They can’t judge a persons character and surely don’t know what is going on inside their body. I’ve had a local judge tell me “you look like nothing is wrong with you, you haven’t seemed like you were in pain the whole time you were sitting here.” I responded “sir that’s the beauty of science and health, it tells the mysteries going on inside the body which are unable to be seen by the naked eye, and I have been living with this pain which has gradually increases as I got older. It doesn’t make it easier for me to live but I don’t walk around complaining about it every second I get. I also know that if I was here complaining I would miss parts of your argument and be unprepared to defend myself against what you are speaking of.” Stating this made him uneasy because he obviously realized that I had some education. The argument was whether I should receive benefits because I am a full time student and in my state you have to work part time if you are a student. In the end my argument was more valid but my documentation (which is usually the case) came too late to be considered in the hearing. So now I have to reapply and that’s just for state benefits. I’ve been denied SSI three times already and the judge continues to tell me that because I am in school (online that is) that it is impossible for me to be considered disabled. Yet it is not against any of their regulations for a person who receives SSI to go to college, own a business, or work a job as long as they make less than the approx $1400.00 a month.Yet grounds for denial are if you hold a job, or go to school or have your own business.Tell me that doesn’t sound like it is a set up system. People should be able to receive benefits if they have a disability that way they can afford to better themselves and care for their health so that they can get back into the work force. Those benefits shouldn’t be taken away from them especially since our government which is supposed to protect us has been killing us for centuries. Agent orange, Campe Leguene, lack of toxic waste regulations, chemicals in our food, corruption in the FDA, ETC. ETC. ETC. I could go on but i’m going to leave it at that because this topic agitates me and that is why I dislike speaking on it but sometimes I just can’t help it. I need to make these people aware that they matter without activists we would still have segregation and slavery in the USA. We need to reshape our government. The people. Obviously we as humans are evolving and our government has been failing for the longest. I thank you for reading so faithfully because I have no wanting to be famous. I just want to reach regular people who normally don’t care about this type of topic or themselves enough to educate themselves on issues like these. If I reach even a small number of people such as yourself I would be happy to bring positivity into someone’s life.

      Posted by Society of Free Thinkers | February 19, 2012, 1:40 AM
      • That does seem contradictory that they would let someone on disability attend a public school but not allow them to qualify for disability if they are in school. Something is definitely not right there.

        I think the Judge must have also noticed that you are an honest person. You didn’t cave in when he said you didn’t seem to be in pain, you spoke your position honestly, he probably doesn’t *want* to be giving out disability, he is himself under pressure — all those things come into play, and it is a good thing if he became uncomfortable, really, because he then realized he was not dealing with an idiot or a scammer.

        Seems to me there ought to be some way you can get it. I’m probably older than you, but was able to get SSDI, which I think is similar. Anyway — I’ll be rooting for you. 🙂

        Posted by Starsworth | February 19, 2012, 2:30 AM

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