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Live a little!

We all need to live a little!

I used to wake up to the same mundane schedule everyday, and I hated it. Working for someone was just not for me, I learned that early in the game. When working; I always felt like I could use some sort of extra curricular activities to keep me sane. Video games can only entertain you to a certain level, after that you need to get up off of your butt and get moving. I frequented childhood explorations in my head. Day dreaming of the days when I lived in a carefree bubble of fun. Yes, it was a bit depressing thinking of fun and not being able to have it, but I am an avid researcher, and did my share of hunting for fun things to do. I found a really cool website a while back called  http://www.meetup.com/. I have found a multitude of activities to participate in now and I felt compelled to share the site with you. It’s free which is awesome. You make a profile then join groups according to what your interests are. Each group will post meetups randomly throughout the month and you will get notifications to your email address reminding you of a commitment you made, or asking if you would like to make one. You can even create your own meetup group which is epic.

There are many avenues for networking and socialization a keystroke away.

The reason people don’t get involved with free fun activities

  1. They are too lazy
  2. They are too busy with trying to get by in this shitholic systematic society.

The problem is that living without them creates a poisonous frame of mind. It is from what I have gathered, almost impossible to live life without any stress releasing liveliness because it’s those experiences that lead you to become a more powerful and happy individual.


About Society of Free Thinkers

I critically think constantly about many topics. I strongly believe that in society we need to implement equality, freedom, & encourage free thinking in our educational institutions, in order to produce qualified and emotionally stable professionals in the work force. Creativity is what unearths innovations. Nurturing our young, and someone else's, will end violence, and foster emotional stability in children early. I want the world in it's entirety, to be a better place to live in and believe that every society needs a reality check... Something is obviously wrong and in need of change, from the people down to the politics. "Society of Free Thinkers" is a place to educate yourselves freely and to voice your opinion on important worldly topics, in a judgment free area.


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