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Spina Bifida Awareness Month (October)

With all that has been going on in my life I completely forgot that it was Spina Bifida awareness month. I recently went to Blythdale Children’s Hospital for an appointment (don’t ask why they forced me to go to a children’s hospital). I walked into this waiting area not to flashbacks of my childhood, but … Continue reading


Sometimes I feel like the world is dark and everyone feels alone even if they are surrounded by millions of people everyday.  I walk the city with my headphones on jamming to happy music but still aware of the chaos that is going on around me. Yesterday I woke up feeling well rested thinking about … Continue reading


Sometimes I feel everyone is right when they say the future is unknown. But I know myself, I know what I want, and I’m content in living in the future which I’ve made my home. When you see something you want it’s the future until you work hard to make it your own. First you … Continue reading

The smile pockets a rattling controversy.

Kim smiled radiantly everyday. She always stopped to smell every flower and watch with direction the birds were flying. It brought joy to her heart to see children enjoying time with their parents in the yard. At work she was your perfect employee, consistently early, coffee and danish in hand, assignments handed in on time. … Continue reading

The Free Spirit Within Me

Before I came into this world I was a free spirit. I roamed dimensions effortlessly experiencing all that I could see. Nothing about being a spirit compared to being a human and nothing about being human could compare to me. I was able to move freely, feel endlessly, and think without limitations. One day I … Continue reading


Without faith humanity will fall With an abundance of virtues, having faith is the greatest of all. Not a battle would be won Nor a note would be sung. In the abscence of faith troublesome time would weigh a ton. Life would be the aching between the two shoulders on which time was carried. Love … Continue reading


Many of you are the people who hold grudges or feel you are hurt so much by a person that you completely ignore forgiveness. The idea seems scary, pointless, and even undeserving. The fact of the matter is that if the act of forgiveness is not present in a person, that person is allowing the … Continue reading

True Love Vs. Unconditional Love

In speaking on true love vs. unconditional love we take a look at unconditional love first. This is what you give a family member it is deep rooted inside of your soul and even if you can’t stand their guts at one point in time, it is like you have a magic switch inside of … Continue reading

An Answer for Time

This is a continuation of the original blog A Question of Time. I found this article that explains exactly what I already felt. It’s very eerie to not be a genius yet, find the answers to questions you create in your mind off of how you feel about something or your intuition. Since you know … Continue reading

NYC? Model? Joe/Jane? Need Photos? Call HartBass!

If you are living in New York City or close to it and want to get some head shots done? or a complete photo shoot…I know a really awesome company you should go with. The name is HartBass. The Magic man goes by the name of Harts and rightfully so, because he puts hart into … Continue reading