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Sometimes I feel everyone is right when they say the future is unknown. But I know myself, I know what I want, and I’m content in living in the future which I’ve made my home. When you see something you want it’s the future until you work hard to make it your own. First you … Continue reading

The Free Spirit Within Me

Before I came into this world I was a free spirit. I roamed dimensions effortlessly experiencing all that I could see. Nothing about being a spirit compared to being a human and nothing about being human could compare to me. I was able to move freely, feel endlessly, and think without limitations. One day I … Continue reading


Some people say optimism is for the weak who can’t handle the truth. Cancer patients like my uncle, who are near death, holding on to that last granule of hope. I think those pessimistic people just fail to understand that reality of miracles. Maybe they have never been blessed as I have been. Even if … Continue reading

A Question of time

I have always questioned the point of time. Why did it need to be created? What purpose would it serve us as humans? There must be a reason..I think it has to do with keeping track of us so our time is equated to production and of money…..but think about the following information I stumbled … Continue reading

Treat Yourself In Ten Easy Steps

Have you ever wondered what makes life so difficult? Why you continue to get stepped on and why your life is not easier to live? I surely have and it was not until I stopped to look deep into myself and notice the things that were troubling me from within. If you think negatively, negativity … Continue reading